The Southern Zone, Costa Rica

The mission of CAP is to assist in assuring the safety and security of every law abiding citizen, resident and visitor in Costa Rica through unifying and building communities, promoting crime awareness and prevention, thus becoming recognized and valued as a unified influential voice on a national level.

The Vision of CAP is to make the Southern Zone the safest place to live and visit in Costa Rica!

Thanks to all of you CAP is entering our 7th year! (We originally formed as Seguirdad Vigilencia del Sur S.A. in 2001).

CAP is a group of concerned and determined citizens, residents, non-residents, frequent visitors, and business owners who want to ensure our area stays safe and beautiful for all and to prevent crime from detracting how special this area is.

Crime is a concern all over the world. Communities that are strong and working together have a greater impact against that threat. CAP is providing that necessary bridge between communities, police, OIJ, Tourist Police, local, and nationwide organizations to make our area strong so we can enjoy a more beautiful and peaceful area.

It’s a new year and there is concern again about the potential increase in crime. With your help we must continue to put a ‘CAP’ on crime.

We Continue To:

  • Send you our crime reports and other relevant safety and community information.
  • Provide informative community meetings throughout the year.
  • Implement creative ideas such as our CAP Community Surveillance Support (CSS) program which gives local communities their donation plus 50% back to increase security.
  • Communicate with local, and nationwide, safety and security agencies.
  • Work with local organizations in regards to citizen safety
  • Communicate with local neighborhood community organizations
  • Work with police to provide greater communication to the public, share ideas to enhance area safety and security, help with new vehicles and repairs, police and station needs.
  • Encourage community watch programs and phone trees
  • Community involvement for fundraising and projects
  • Provide websites to find and share useful information
  • Place warning signs at local ‘hot’ spots for visitors
  • Work closely with multiple organizations in the area of Crimes against Children

New Website with More Sections and Resources!

  • Check out our updated Crime Report (fast and easy to use)
  • New Donate page to make your donation process easier through PayPal.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter directly through our website.
  • New Supporters page with multi-tier donation advantages!