26 Dec 2013
December 26, 2013

Local Incidents

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Armedadillo Intrusion

Armadillo photo

The intruder was armed and shielded.

Cascada Azul residents Bryan and Tracie Deming experienced a home intrusion around 11pm Tuesday night. The intruder (an unarmed Armadillo) managed to enter the gated community, bypass the security guard, get through the property fencing, wrestle with both security dogs, burst through the bedroom screen door, and through the metal security bars before being detected. Residents were able to corner the intruder in their bathroom and with the help of their daughter and several brooms, got the intruder to exit the house. Minor injuries were sustained by the culprit from his break-in, however, except for a little sleep nothing else was stolen from the home owners. The Armadillo’s where abouts are unknown at this time and the screen has been repaired. Security Alert has been heightened in case of follow up intrusions. Suspect’s photo above!

Local Police Help Indigenous Resident Cross the Road

Dominical police at work.

Dominical police helping a resident to safely cross the road.

Local pedestrian requiring assistance at the Baru Checkpoint!  Thank you Fuerza  Publica and Policia Turistica for caring about all our citizens!

Peaton local requiere  ayuda en la Puente de Baru!  Gracias Fuerza Publica y Policia Tuuista por su atencion a todos los ciuda!

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