“Building Community to Put a CAP on CRIME”

costarica_aboutThe South Pacific Zone is becoming a premier area of Costa Rica with new roads, communications, hospitals, and other infrastructure while maintaining a lush, low density, and beautiful environment.

CAP is a group of concerned and determined citizens, residents, non-residents, frequent visitors, and business owners who want to ensure our area stays safe and beautiful for all and to prevent crime from detracting how special this area is. We originally formed Seguridad Vigilencia  del Sur S.A. in 2001 in response to an increase of crime. Based on community involvement, we were able to fund additional police and security needs for the area. This effort directly resulted in a major reduction of crime. As a result we have enjoyed a beautiful and peaceful area for many years.

It’s 2012 and there is concern again about the potential increase in crime. We have several contributing factors we are now facing: a challenging world economy and the new coastal highway. Our local police need additional funding, and equipment. Costa Rica is addressing the problem of crime, but to ensure our current standard of life is maintained, our efforts are also needed. We must put a ‘CAP’ on crime. Our goals are:

–       Send a message to the criminals “CRIME WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!
–       Get the word out: The Southern Zone is organized and equipped in our efforts to fight crime!
–       Support local police by helping to equip, assist, and improve existing locations
–       Provide funds for police vehicles, motorcycles, equipment, surveillance and communication equipment
–       Improve existing stations and check points
–       Encourage community watch programs and phone trees
–       Increase area communication between police and each other
–       Community involvement for fundraising and projects
–       Provide websites to find and share useful information
–       Encourage a ‘No Serve’ policy for local business owners refusing service to ‘known’ criminals
–       Place warning signs at local ‘hot’ spots for visitors

We have put together a community email list (all names/emails are confidential) of over 600 people for fast transmission of important information. We have an email/webpage/facebook page to share information. We have a community phone tree to help in the event of a crime in process. We are asking for your help. Your contribution of time and/or money will help to protect your investment and keep the Southern Pacific Zone a beautiful and safe place to live.

CAP is requesting donations of any amount. These funds will be allocated to the above and future identified needs.  For donation information, please visit our Donate page. Complete transparency/disclosure of the use of funds is available to all donors upon request. Each $100 contribution will be acknowledged with an official CAP window decal. Cars with CAP decals will be recognized by local law enforcement as a contributor to this important community program. We are seeking businesses to be sponsors with larger donations as well.

We meet monthly at local restaurants to update, inform and educate the community.  For dates, times and locations please check the website or sign up for our emails on the website or at caponcrime@gmail.com.

Thank you and stay safe!  Pura Vida!

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