What are CAP’s current initiatives?


  • LIGHTS,CAMERAS,ACTION – designed & generated artists rendition enhancing 3 way checkpoint with lights, cameras, & added police booths in Dominical
  •  Funding police vehicle repairs & housing conditions
  • Set up & evaluating cameras in Lagunas for community security
  • Coordinating meetings with security Minister, tourism, local police, tourist police, Oijota, Minae, etc
  •  Realtor’s initiative to donate funds from every sale

How do I become a member?

CAP is asking for a minimum donation of $100 per year per household to become a member.  Donation information can be found on our donation page or click on DONATE at the top of this page.

Who is CAP?

CAP (Crime Awareness & Prevention) is a non profit volunteer group of concerned and motivated citizens, residents, visitors and business owners who want to ensure that Costa Rica stays safe and beautiful for all and to prevent crime from detracting how special Costa Rica is.

What is CAP?

CAP is a volunteer organization that was formed in 2009 (originally Seguridad Vigilencia 2001) by a concerned group of people in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica to provide a forum for communication, connection, idea sharing, and implementation of initiatives for the sole purpose of taking a stand against crime. CAP has an email account, Facebook, and website set up to further facilitate information dissemination. Our main purpose is building community so that together we can make Costa Rica beautiful and safe! We believe strong communities are the key to positive change!

Where is CAP located?

Because CAP is all volunteer we do not have a managed office.  You may contact us anytime at caponcrime@gmail.com

How is the money managed?

All donations go directly to our Costa Rican Association Bank Account at Banco National in the name of ASOCIACIÓN PARA LA PREVENCION Y ALERTA DEL CRIMEN.  Expenditures are approved by our Board of Directors.  All finances are audited by a certified accountant according to the Associations bylaws.

What are the objectives of CAP?

AWARENESS & PREVENTION To be a voice for all concerned with the crime in Costa Rica To build strong local communities to take a stand against crime To encourage smaller neighborhood community watch groups To strengthen the relationship between police and the communities To help support the police so they can do their jobs more effectively and efficiently To identify key initiatives with the sole purpose of making the Costa Rica safer To promote CAP and organize fundraising to make the initiatives a reality To reach out and support other groups within Costa Rica in their crime prevention efforts To promote a National Values Education program for schools To encourage businesses with the NO SERVE POLICY (the right to refuse service to anyone)

How can I help?

The needs of each community may be different, so check the link for the area you live in. You can drop us a line and let us know what you are interested in helping with. Our currents needs in the Southern Zone are:

  1. Get the word out about CAP! Only with support can we really make a difference!
  2. Help with Fundraising. We need individual/corporate sponsors
  3. Getting local businesses on board with CAP.
  4. Interfacing/liaisons with the Tico community.
  5. Interpreter for the CAP meetings
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