For the second evening this week, a dark blue 1995 Hyundai Accent was in the Lagunas neighborhood.  The car with two men was seen Monday evening  around 10 pm.  On Monday, they stopped at the bottom of our driveway for about 30 seconds before heading up to Ramiro road, then turned around and left the neighborhood.  Tonight they were here about 8 pm.  The engine had a unique sound so it was recognized immediately.  Tonight the car went past our house pretty quickly, turned around and went back down the main road.  One CAP team lead and one Lagunas resident was  called. The CAP member alerted Police and was instrumental in communicating and coordinating efforts.

The guys took off on Quads to get the plate number and caught up with them near a neighbors home who was out of town this evening.  The car was moving  at a very slow pace.  They saw three guys in the car and one guy with backpack and flashlight walking a little behind the car.  When the guys on the quads passed them and turned around to go back, the guy who was walking got into the car and they started down the hill at a faster speed.  If one didn’t know the situation, it  looked like a car stopping to pick up a local walking on the road.   The Lagunas resident who was alerted was in Dominical and caught up with the Hyundai close to the guard checkpoint.  He blocked them with his car until the police arrived.  The CAP team lead arrived to see that there were several police officers already on the scene.

The thieves claimed they weren’t in Lagunas tonight.  But the plate number we gave them matched the vehicle.  There were a total of four guys and one girl in the car when they were stopped.  We are not sure where the fifth person was at the time they were seen in Lagunas.  The police and the CAP team lead came to our house to take a report and said that the people were very well known robbers (2+ years) from Quepos.  They found several pairs of gloves in the car.  The OIJ from Quepos was called to investigate.  At this time, we know that no crime was committed so they could only be detained and questioned.

This vehicle was also seen last thursday evening in the Rana Rojo area.

A very big thank you to CAP, the Lagunas resident and everyone who assisted!!

Description of the vehicle:

Make – Hyundai
model – Accent
color – Dark Blue Hyundai
plate # 719777
A business logo ‘Pirate Taxi’ was on the drivers side door only.
The car has a spoiler with a line of red individual LED lights.  A few of the LEDs were out on the right side.
If you see this vehicle in your neighborhood, call the police immediately.
Registered Owner of title(Be aware that many vehicles in Costa Rica are sold without properly transfering the ownership of the title)
Cedulla – 602400773
Status-  Single
Please forwared any more information about this vehicle and the current owners to CAP and your local authorities.
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