CAP has another success story to tell today thanks to the quick work of a few key players one being a CAP member who diligently searched through the video recordings to come up with photos and videos of the criminals in action as they followed their victims from business to business carefully planning their crime.

The information was then passed to a CAP leader that had contacted ALL of the local authorities including the police in Jaco who acted amazingly quickly and set up a road block that eventually led to the arrest of the criminals shown in the photos above and below.

This video evidence along with the eyewitness accounts, together with the fact that the  stolen items were found in the criminals car makes for a very tight case.  The OIJ is in Dominical at this moment collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses.

Tomorrow CAP will know more on the fate of these 5 criminals as we push for preventative prison sentencing while the prosecutor puts together their case.

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