06 Jan 2014
January 6, 2014

CAP Meeting Minutes 2012 January 14th

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Not for Profit Status – We are now a recognized Not for Profit Association in Costa Rica.  This will enable us to receive funds from any awarded grants within Costa Rica.

US Embassy Vice Consul Lea Rivera – Visits the Dominical area to talk about our security concerns.

Latin Nights Fundraiser – Thanks to all who made it a fun night and a big success.  We are planning the 2nd annual for this year.

CAP now a Chamber member- CAP has joined and is supportive of our new Costa Ballena Chamber.

Credit Card Theft Prevention Tips – Sent out on emails and now on website.


Equipment /Surveillance Room at the Dominical Checkpoint– This room is completed and will house our surveillance equipment at the strategic Dominical checkpoint.  This is also set up as a viewing room for judges and local officials for post crime situations.  Criminals caught on video have a higher conviction.


   Phase l – Security Cameras (located in Dominical with other locations being identified)

Phase ll – Signs:

Sign #1: (In Spanish) WARNING!  COMMUNITY ORGANZIED AGAINST CRIME (with a camera graphic) – Two signs are now located in Dominical warning criminals that they are being recorded on cameras.

Sign #2: (In Spanish/English) WARNING! DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VALUABLES UNATTENDED!  – These signs are now located at several local beaches from Guapil to Ojochal as well as the Poza Azul waterfall.


CAP Installation of Cameras and Equipment in community supported locations (Uvita, Cortez, and Matapalo, Ojachal) – As a continuation of the CRIME FREE SOUTHERN ZONE initiative we have identified several locations for installing cameras.  These locations must have the following criteria: strategic location near Coastal Highway, electricity, lighting, secure building to house equipment, preferably business with 24/7 security presence…  If you know of any locations for CAP to consider please contact us.

Working on a convenio to give Dominical police jurisdiction to respond to crime in the Guapil/Hatillo/Matapalo areas.

CAP Security Guard program

CAP Appreciation Certificates

CAP Police Appreciation Lunch


CAP received a large donation from one of our members.  We are very grateful to this family for supporting our efforts and we are honored that they considered our organization worthy to donate to.  This money was designated to specific initiatives and has been allocated to those.

We do want to thank all of you who support us.  We are successful because of you.  We would like to encourage everyone to donate your yearly $100 FOR 2012 so that we can continue to make positive changes in our area and throughout the country. To donate please go to our website: http://caponcrime.com/


Update on Arrests:

5 criminals caught in Jaco – (Still in Jail!)

Tortilla Flats thief – (Reports in every 15 days)

3 criminals caught in Dominical – (Still in Jail!)

It was noted that crime is down in the area in spite of the holiday and high season.  We feel that the reputation for CAP’s efforts against criminals is growing and we are seeing the positive results of that.  It was also noted that one of the best tools for the effective incarceration of criminals is the footage from the video cameras.  This evidence was critical in the trials of the above criminals.

Latigo K 9

CAP would like to thank Brandon Richardson with Latigo K 9 for bringing his Family Protection Dog Demonstration to our area.  Brandon successfully trains dog that can be immediately integrated into families.  He gave us an informative presentation on his company and the work he does with his dogs, and demonstrated several attack situations with his dogs and workers.

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