06 Jan 2014
January 6, 2014

CAP Meeting Minutes June 2012

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This month’s community meeting was held at the Refuge Restaurant in Dominical and was attended by over 30 people!

We want to remind everyone of our Mission Statement:

l   The mission of CAP is to assist in assuring the safety and security of every law abiding citizen, resident and visitor in Costa Rica through unifying and building communities, promoting crime awareness and prevention, thus becoming recognized and valued as a unified influential voice on a national level.

We also want to mention our original strategy which is:

Building Community to put a CAP on crime!

This is the heart of all we do and is the most effective tool we have.   We can look out for each other, stay informed and organized, and be a strong community against crime; making the Southern Zone the safest place to visit or live in Costa Rica!

We have spent many hours putting our website together as a resource for you so check it out when you have a chance. www.caponcrime.com. It has up to date information and multiple resources and tips to help you stay safe whether you live here or are just visiting.

We want to thank everyone that has donated to CAP over the years.  Your donations help keep us going.  The other area that will make us even more successful is volunteering your time.  If you are interested or would like to see what areas you can help in please contact us at caponcrime@gmail.com.

Matt gave an update on the checkpoint.  We are adding more cameras and more extensive lighting.  We also completed the finish work on our surveillance room.  We are in the process of training an on-call tech to help review the cameras for pre and post crime footage.

The Tourist Police station is on notice with the Ministry of Health for gray water and ventilation issues that need to be resolved or the office will be shut down.  CAP is helping with some of these issues.  The Tourist Police are in need of office chairs and would also like to ask the community if they have any exercise equipment/weight sets they would like to donate to the police for use when not on duty.

CAP put up 14 signs in the area beaches and tourist spots warning tourists to guard their valuables.  Several of these signs have been vandalized.  We have replaced some with anti-graffiti film and are looking for more sources of this film or paint that can be applied to the other signs.

Mike gave an extensive update on recent crimes in the area:

Copper wire thefts are on the rise.  Some suggestions were given to use thicker gauge aluminum wire above ground or direct bury aluminum in poured concrete.

Stolen quads in Ojochal were recovered in Uvita with the help of the community and police. OIJ was able to identify the serial numbers on the quads with the acid test process even though they had been scratched off.

After a robbery in Tina Mastes the victim alerted neighbors and police, and with the communities support they were able to catch the suspects with the stolen goods.

A local home was broken in to while the residents were asleep.  This was the second time this home was robbed and appears to be the work of someone who is familiar with the area and home.

The Denuncia process was reviewed.  This is a necessary process if you are ever the victim of a crime.  It is important to file a denucia for the following reasons:

The police will not have an accurate measure of the amount of crime being committed in an area and therefore cannot justify adding extra personnel or police presence when it is warranted.

When following up on a crime and questioning or searching a suspect, if there is no record of what has been stolen, the police cannot make an arrest even if they find what they suspect are stolen goods in the possession of that person.

The more ‘Denuncias’ there are that indicate a certain suspect is involved in those crimes, the more likely the police and courts can seek a conviction and the suspect jailed.

See you all at our next meeting!

Keeping you safe and informed in the Southern Zone,

The CAP Team

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