06 Jan 2013
January 6, 2013

Honest conduct in our community

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CAP is forwarding the following email that we received from a local resident.  We appreciate the report of good news and honest conduct in our community and recognize that most good deeds go unnoticed.  On that note we would love to continue to report positive and uplifting stories of this nature as you learn of them.

Pura Vida,

The CAP Team

Dah, I had a Senior Moment, nothing news worthy there.  After a quick meeting at San Clementes (held there to take advantage of their generous, free internet WiFi, I left and forgot my day bag.  What an idiot; que tonto.  Important primarily to me, the stuff inside is the content of my life.  You know, the same stuff you keep in your day bag.  Not extremely value, but irreplaceable or at least difficult to do so.

Blissfully unaware of my lapse of sanity and security breach, I’m still on the cuad on the way home when I get a phone call.  I do not normally answer the phone while riding the cuad, but I do check to see who is calling.  You never know, it might be important.  I checked and it was the person with whom I had just met.  It could be important, so I pulled over and answered it.

The bad news was delivered to me and my heart sank and my head spun.  The good news was that the wait staff at San Clementes discovered my oversight, and gracias a Dios, called my friend and she in turn called me.  The young folks at the restaurant had my bag, and would sit on it until it could be retrieved.

Now, we all know the horror stories about this going missing and that being stolen, etc.  Those kids (everybody is a kid to me, ok young adults) at San Clements could have easily absconded with my day bag.  They could have had no idea what happened to it.  But they didn’t.  So, for the few who might not have anything good to say about this in general or the younger generation in particular, I’m here to tell you that this behavior, these actions of these good kids, are the norm, and not the exception.  We just never hear the good stuff.  It’s not new worthy.  Well, hell, it should be.  You probably have a good news story too, huh?  Pura vida

Robert E. Rodgers and his family Publish Crazu.net on a weekly basis; stories about their long time experiences in Costa Rica.

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