CAP lights/camera/action – a camera is up and running at the Dominical checkpoint. Everything is operational and we are in the testing phase. We plan to install more cameras in the future. This is a huge preventative measure!

Dominical police station remodel – thanks to Lagunas and the Baru ferreteria fundraiser in helping furnish the police station with necessary items.

CAP meeting monthly with police – the southern zone vehicles that we repair are no longer leaving the area. All repairs are done locally so we have more control. We are continuing to work with police to come up with ideas for our ‘one safe beach’.

NEW – police text messenger system – police now have a system within Costa Rica (and our area) to have more rapid response to crime.

CAP US grant proposal completed and submitted through the Quepos chamber for possible funding for ‘lights/camera/action’

CAP meeting with Harry Bodaan of Quepos to build relationship and share ideas that have worked in our individual areas

CAP website – new fresh look! Check it out! Also note that we’ll be using from now on, instead of the .info. Your suggestions are welcome. Make sure to also friend us on facebook and follow us on twitter.

CAP Matapalo – we are continuing to work with matapalo to get police officers stationed there and encourage community building in the area

CAP financial update:

  • $20,330 total income to date
  • $10, 401 total expenses to date
  • $ 9, 929 total net income to date

CAP crime reports:

  • No violent home invasions or armed robberies feb-mar 12
  • Local surf shop employee arrested at airport with money/
  • goods
  • La Corona – CAP trying to convince owner to install security
  • cameras
  • Ballena National Park – numerous thefts

OIJ has come up with a stategic plan to combat thievery in 2011

CAP has made it easy for you to report known crimes through our website!

For all crimes you must file a denucia (complaint) with the OIJ. the criminals will not be charged without it and if it was theft you may be unable to get your items back.

Dog demonstration – the protection dog demonstration was postponed as the presenter was involved in a car accident on the way to our meeting. We will reschedule! Ben and Paul both spoke about their reasons for purchasing trained dogs and their personal experiences with them.

Our next meeting is Saturday April 9th at the Refuge in Dominical. We hope to see you there!

Thank you,

The CAP Team

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