Nov. 19, 2013, San Jose, CR
Hosted by American Embassy

Main Speaker: Flore Burke, International speaker, consultant, and specialist in Human trafficking and Modern Day Slavery (Freedom Network).

The American Embassy working with the local coalition CONATT (National Coalition against the Illicit Trafficking of Immigrants and Human Trafficking of Persons) hosted the conference to address the importance of teamwork between Non-Governmental Organizations, like Salvando Corazones and Seeds of Hope Home, and Governmental agencies, like the Police Force, O.I.J., and PANI, in assisting victims rescued from trafficking. The idea was to create a forum where both groups could come together and receive training to more effectively rescue and interview victims in order to find the traffickers and convict them. Thereby, more effectively fighting against the problem of trafficking of persons in Costa Rica.

Important Points Mentioned:

• Intensify efforts to investigate and prosecute human trafficking offenses, including forced labor, and convict and punish trafficking offenders;
• Fund specialized services for trafficking victims, including child sex trafficking victims, through the establishment of a shelter specifically for trafficking victims or through funding NGOs to provide services;
• Strengthen dedicated prosecutorial and police units through increased resources and training, including for victim treatment;
• Ensure that cases of trafficking not involving movement are investigated and prosecuted and that Costa Rican victims of human trafficking receive appropriate services;
• Improve the efficacy and the implementation of the victim assistance protocol, particularly outside of the capital, and in partnership with civil society organizations;
• Increase efforts to investigate and prosecute child sex tourism;
• Improve data collection for law enforcement and victim protection efforts.

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