Last week a 3 month preventative prison sentence was handed down to Herbert Daniel Barboza, the suspected thief who robbed Tortilla Flats and was caught on video security cameras.  Preventative sentencing means that the suspect must wait, in jail, for his trial rather than be released and notified of his trial date. This decision ensures that Herbert Daniel Barboza is prevented from committing any more crimes or fleeing prosecution while he awaits his fate.  The head of the OIJ said that if it wasn’t for the video evidence provided by CAP the suspect would NOT have received the preventative sentencing.  He went on to thank CAP for all the work, technical as well as the communal information that led to the arrest (actually performed by a CAP leader) of this individual.  He noted that the quick response from CAP led to the suspect returning ALL of the stolen items that were kept at a separate location in Orotina.

We here at CAP would like the local community as well as absentee property owners to know that we are working hard to keep our area safe.  The amount of time and energy spent by a small group of people making successes such as these happen is immeasurable .  Coordinating with government officials, performing weekly group meetings, writing emails and CAP blasts, website design and maintenance, writing governmental grants, assisting in the policing of the area and all that entails, technical research and development of video surveillance equipment, the installation of that equipment, development and execution of projects such as the Realtors/Developer’s Initiative and the Lights Cameras and Action Project, fund raising, embassy meetings, accounting and budgeting and the organization of all of this and much more is just an example of what we do voluntarily every day.  We believe that with this kind hard work and dedication we will have many more similar successes in the future, eventually leading to our area becoming known as a “protected zone”  keeping the criminals out of our area.

CAP will continue with the hard work but we ask that you do your part as well.  We ask for a minimum annual membership of 100 dollars for every resident and non resident property and or business owner. We thank all who have donated and would urge those of you have not to please do so.  Remember that’s just 27 cents per day to participate in a program that is working to provide security for you and your loved ones as well as secure your property and it’s value.

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